Patient feedback is crucial for the improvement and development of any medical professional. During your visit, you'll notice that Dr. Cheng is keen to ask questions about how your body is feeling, as well as following up with you via e-mail after your visit.

Here are a few unpaid testimonials from some of our patients.

"I recommend tuina therapy as performed by Mark Cheng, L.Ac., both as a follow health care provider (I am a chiropractor) and as a patient of his. He is knowledgeable, caring and gifted in the work he performs. I have been treated by him for several conditions - with great success each time. First, I was having a problem with numbness in my hands, which is improving with each treatment and has had the delightful side effect of improvement in the rotation of my neck. Now I can back out of a parking space with greater ease. It is one of those things we often attribute to aging and fail to attempt correction. My second problem was a tendonitis in my thumb – trigger finger syndrome. This progressed to the point where I was completely unable to bend my thumb. After only a few treatments I now have full flexion of my thumb again!"

With admiration,

- Sandy Riediger, DC, RN

"Comrade, I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with my arm bent or go through surgery. Mark Cheng, L.Ac., has straightened it out. If you live in LA and your high mileage carcass needs work, Com. Cheng is your man.”

- Pavel Tsatsouline
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"I started receiving Tui Na treatments from Mark Cheng for some sports related injuries. Not only did his treatments relieve my aches and pains, but I began noticing other positive changes in my body: I stood taller and had better posture, and due to the improvement in my overall circulation I had more energy, less turbulent menstrual cycles, a decrease in sinus problems, and experienced a significant improvement in the appearance of my skin. Thanks so much, Mark!"
- Judy Smith

Read what the world-famous Dan Inosanto has to say about his experiences with the Chung-Hua Institute! Click on the letter below for an enlarged version.

"As a practitioner of Hwa Rang Do, I have become accustomed to injuries and training through them. A few weeks ago, I had a painful injury along the knife-edge of my hand, which was exacerbated whenever I put weight on it or was put into a wrist lock. Due to receiving a hard shoulder throw, I also had upper back and neck pain that limited my shoulder and neck rotation. As is typically the case, I decided not to go to my physician, who no doubt would have recommended either nothing or physical therapy for which I had no time.

Fortuitously, Mark Cheng, a friend to my Master Taejoon Lee, appeared one night at the dojang. I complained about my injuries, and he politely asked if he could examine me. By feeling the alignment of the bones in my hand and asking me to squeeze his fingers with both hands, he made a quick diagnosis. He massaged, rotated, and pulled various parts of my wrist, hand, and fingers, and to my utter surprise, the pain diminished almost completely. Next, he examined my back visually, then by touch, then realigned what I gather to be parts of my shoulder and spine. Again, substantial pain relief and immediate increase in neck and shoulder flexibility.

I was deeply impressed by how Mark had, in a matter of 5 minutes, diagnosed and treated injuries that would no doubt have taken weeks or months longer to heal. Although I am deeply skeptical of all quick fix claims, I also realize healing talent when I experience it. I plan to consult Mark for all similar types of injury in the future, and that is the highest recommendation I can give."

- Jerry Kang, Prof. of Law,
UCLA School of Law
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“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Cheng for several years. During that time, I have come to find that his skills as both a Martial Arts instructor and a practitioner of Chinese medicine are nothing short of remarkable.

I first became acquainted with Mark when he was referred to me as an individual who might assist with my conditioning and training in Kenpo Karate, an art that I studied for over 20 years. Although Mark did not have an intimate familiarity with Kenpo, his exceptionally broad background in and deep understanding of a whole range of martial arts aided me immeasurably in improving my technique.

Although Mark's abilities in the Martial Arts are extraordinary, I would venture to say that they are exceeded by his skills as a medical practitioner. By my nature, I am extremely skeptical as it relates to non-traditional (i.e. non-western) forms of medicine. The results that Mark has achieved both with regard to various ailments and injuries that I have had and with regard to friends I have referred to him have truly been extraordinary. Indeed, he has often succeeded in treating conditions that could not be successfully resolved through traditional western treatments.”

- Mark Rosenthal
CEO, Raleigh Enterprises

“I am forever grateful to Dr. Mark Cheng. As a very active person in sports and physical activities, I have strained several muscles through my years. On the more severe incidences, the pain was unbearable and the cause of many sleepless nights. Dr. Mark Cheng introduced me to Tui-Na and he performed nothing short of a miracle. In all my years, I've never walked away from an alternative treatment with the same amount of reduction in pain and damage. What normally took me weeks to heal, Dr. Cheng healed muscle damage to my ankle, shoulders, neck and back quickly with only a few treatments. I am forever a sold advocate of Tui-Na and Dr. Mark Cheng's gift at this art.”

- Eric Rufatt, Philadelphia

"After having been attacked by a dog in January 2004, I was left with numerous wounds and the possibility of never fully gaining back complete use and function of my left hand. Doctors and occupational therapists at UCLA all told me that the bite tore part of a nerve and hopefully the nerve would regenerate and return back to normal, but there was no guarantee that it would ever happen. In the meantime though, I was left with a weak hand that could hardly type. A year later, a friend of mine recommended that I go and see Dr. Mark Cheng. I went into my appointment a pessimist and left with hope. Dr. Cheng not only gave me faith that my hand would be fine, but after the first visit I could also feel strength in my left hand. After weekly treatments I went from being unable to make a fist to now having full function of my hand once again. Thanks!!!"

- Stephanie Chang

“When I was first introduced to Tui-na treatment I had no idea what to expect but I did know I wanted to get some relief for my body aches due to physical activity. Since I was familiar with acupuncture I was open to finding a way to relieve the pain I was feeling in particularly in my knee. I hadn't danced in a few years and found after returning to dance classes that I may have "over done it" and possibly I had some tendinitis. I came to Chung Hua Institute for in ("my mind") strictly acupuncture and within the session I had little of both. After meeting Mark Cheng and talking with him I was even more curious about the Tui-na treatment. Ultimately I found myself gravitating towards the Tui-na. Since I am extremely particular about body treatments and/or the energy that comes in contact with me through body treatments, I am incredibly pleased with how my body has responded. I can honestly say that I look forward to the relief I get from Tui-na treatments, especially after long flights from Italy or Japan or even after taking multiple ballet and jazz classes.”

- Robin Ray Eller,

actress/singer/dance instructor