Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why do you restrict new patients to referrals only, Doc?

Recently, I've gotten asked this question by some very nice folks whom I wish I had the time, energy, & bandwidth to help out. If I had the means to help everyone and still honor my obligations, I'd be all over it, but reality is otherwise. And as I've said on Facebook a number of times, if I did actually have the time, energy, & resources to help a huge population in a more hands-on fashion, it'd be our veterans FIRST. [Are you listening, Veterans Administration?]

Here's the short version of why I continue to restrict my practice to accepting new patients by referral only.

1) My rates are far from cheap & my time has never been more limited with increasing demand (in spite of increasing my fees).

2) My patients & clients are some REALLY cool people, and they go out of their way to protect me from anyone who will be a pain in the ass. 

3) My patients & clients are people I'm emotionally invested in. If they're not feeling better, meeting their goals, and oftentimes surpassing them, I feel like I've let them down. I need to know that the people I get invested in are worth that kind of energy.

Take it or leave it, but if you're too focused on quantities, you'll never comprehend what's possible with quality.

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